Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Gentle Touch by Celia Yeary

      Adam Taylor knows how to tame mustangs with a gentle touch, but how does he assure a frightened, abused woman she is safe with him? Lynette cowers in the presence of men, until she witnesses a cruel act by a ranch hand. Will she find the strength to stop him, using her own method?
     A sound brought his head up. A horse in a wild snit, screeching and snorting and rearing. That kid he'd hired was in the small round corral with a horse. Something was wrong.
      He climbed the corral fence and jumped to the ground. Running around the barn and back a ways, Adam approached the corral. Yep, the kid had the mare tied to a fence post, and with a whip, he beat that poor thing around her face, her neck, and her side. The mare reared and snorted, but the tether around her neck tightened even more, causing the horse to go crazy. And the crazy kid kept it up.
     Before Adam arrived at the corral, Lynette came flying out of the house, running full out toward the corral.