Saturday, February 1, 2014

Gold Mountain by Alison Bruce

There's more than one way to mine for gold, as May Travers well knows, and Marshal Ben Jessup is about to find out.


Papa staked his claim near Three Creeks, Oregon, but Mama panned more gold out of the miners' laundry than he ever found. Now I was mining the refuse heap behind the Gold Mountain Saloon. Not much gold, but tin, rag and wood also had value.
"Can I help you, Miss Travers?"
Oh no.
I brushed my hands off on my skirt and turned.
"Good evening, Marshal. Lovely evening isn't it? The moonlight looks particularly lovely over..." I looked around to find the moon. "...over the outhouse."
He gave a snort of laughter but he had his stern face on by the time he reached me. At least I think he did. It was hard to tell with his face being in the shadow of his Stetson.
"This is no place for a lady to be wandering around alone in the dark."