Saturday, February 1, 2014

Connie's Gift by Rain Trueax

In 1889, psychic, healer Connie Sicilla has been following her gambler husband, Del from boom town to boom town. In a small mining town in California's Sierra's Connie faces a threat to her life and that of her beloved husband as some come to fear she is a witch.
A rock crashed through the parlor window, shattering glass over the frayed Oriental rug. The yell followed right behind it. “Get out of here, witch.”
Although it wasn’t winter and the high Sierra air wasn’t that cold, Connie Sicilla shivered. She moved to the wall where she’d not be seen as the shouts continued for long moments.
“We know what to do with your kind!”
“Get out of town!” Was that voice a child’s. Somehow that seemed even more frightening. She was unsure how long it went on as she tried to find peace through meditating and not hearing the hateful words, some with curses accompanying. After what seemed long moments, she realized the voices had stopped.
She gritted her teeth against the temptation to cry, got her dustpan, went down on her knees, and carefully retrieved all visible shards of glass. How would their landlord regard the damage? Would he expect Del and her to pay for it?