Saturday, February 1, 2014

When Love Arrives by Carol A. Spradling

When Laurel McGrath is exposed as a stowaway on a Santa Fe wagon train, she becomes the responsibility of Butler, the group's wagon master.  He promises to keep her with the group, regardless of the threats of several men.  Remaining by his side, Laurel nearly forgets the reason she sneaked into the group, but an unexpected meeting with someone from her past threatens to destroy more than her growing feelings for Butler.
"The wagon train needs to move on," Butler said. 
Laurel's heart pounded harder in her chest, and everything around her began to shift out of focus.  One man had abandoned her.  Was Butler about to do the same?
"Two weeks ago, I said I wouldn't leave without you," Butler reminded her.  He took her hands in his.  Was this his attempt to soften the blow?  "I still want you with me," he whispered.
Not certain she heard him correctly, she stared, open-mouthed.  She shook her head as his meaning became clear. 
"But, I have nothing to offer you."
His smile spread across his face, and she couldn't help but nervously mimic his gesture.
"Neither do I," he assured her.  His grin broadened, and he lifted her hands to his lips.  "But I hope you'll marry me anyway."